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We’re a company formed by professionals with extensive experience in the field of capillary aesthetics. Our mission is to offer products with the latest hair beauty technology to give the best options for our customers. That`s why the companies values are innovation, hardworking, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Our main target is to offer the best hair products, with Brazilians ingredients like Mururu Butter and Zizyphus Joazeiro Extract, added to others important hair ingredients like Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil and Keratine. Working in this way we’re able to keep quality to make healthy the hair of our customers.


Below there are the descriptions of ours products and their benefits into hair


Line Xrepair Felps

 Xrepair Bio Molecular

Xrepair is a hair treatment with a high repairing power for or damaged by agents present pollutants in the air. Balanced formula without salt, removes impurities and the excess of oil of the hair. Strengths the hair and avoid hair loss providing. Also this treatment can be used after thermal capillary processes like Brazilian blowout. More...




Line Xcolor the Felps

 Xcolor Protector 

Xcolor Protector is a hair treatment designed for colored hair. Protects and promotes longer lasting color, protecting hair against sun rays UVA and UVB, keeping de hair brightness. More...




Line Plástica Capilar the Felps

 Plástica Capilas Btóx 

It’s a complete line of hair treatment for nourishing, smoothness and bright composed by Botox, Hair alignment, Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in. Effective for frizz control and hair care. More...




 Omega Zero 

Omega 0 is a Brazilian Blowout without formaldehyde, has a unique formula that generates effects of softness, smoothing and radiant shine.  It’s composed by Sealing Termal (Step1) and Mask (Step2). More...




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